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Beam Diagrams and Formulas (Nomenclature) Beam Diagrams and Formulas (Cantilever Beams) Beam Diagrams and Formulas (Simple Beams) Beam Diagrams and Formula (Beams fixed at one end, supported at other)
Beam Diagrams (Beams fixed at both ends) Beam Load (Static) Conversion Factors Design Load Data for Power-Strut Channel Connections Tables of Pipe Spacing
Centerline to Centerline Dimensions (1) Centerline to Centerline Dimensions (2) Minimum Size Power-Strut Channel Section Modulus Required for Trapeze Members (in.)
Electrical Metallic Tubing Data Application Engineering Data - Conduit Spacings Steel Rigid Conduit Data Intermediate Metal Conduit Data
Steel Pipe Data Copper Tube Data Spacing of Hangers for Copper Tubing Spacing of Hangers for Steel Pipe
PVC Plastic Pipe Data Spacing of Hangers for PMC Plastic Pipe Cast Iron Pipe Data Load Carrying Capacities of Threaded Hot Rolled Steel Rod
Wide Flange Beams Channels • American Standard I-beams • American Standard Conversions





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Heavy Duty GRIP STRUT¨ Bridge Walkways Transform Unsafe Inspection

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