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Powerstrut Metal Framing System

The Powerstrut metal framing system can be regarded as a basic building material. Powerstrut metal framing system is an erector set concept,using channel and fittings to solve many mechanical applications,including HVAC,plumbing and fire protection. Versatile metal framing is widely used by electrical contractors to support conduit,panel boxes,raceway systems,lighting support systems,and other electrical components.

Powerstrut is available in a variety of materials and finishes.Steel,stainless,aluminum and fiberglass,and finishes of powder coat,epoxy,zinc plate and hot dip galvanized. The complete line of products and leading reputation for quality and service make Power Strut your practical choice for metal framing. Fasteners and threaded rod in all materials,steel,stainless,and fiberglass.

Grip Strut Safety Grating stop slip-ups from any direction,grips soles securely in any direction,permits quick drainage of fluids,chips,mud,ice and snow.It has high strength-to-weight performance through its design criteria.Fast installation is achieved due to light,easy to handle planks.Grip Strut is economical due to its low material cost,ease of handling and longevity due to it's rust-resisting materials and finishes. Bar grating in all sizes,materials and finishes,steel,stainless,aluminum,fiberglass,molded and pultruded,and fiberglass structural shapes. Woven and welded wire cloth for security screens,hand-rail in-fills,and all kinds of partitions and guards. Perforated and expanded metal available in all your standard patterns and materials.


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